21 Day Sugar Detox – Week 3 Update

Week 3 - 21 Day Sugar Detox - Bacon & Whipped Cream

Wow – 21 days sure fly by fast! I am, at the end of the 21 Day Sugar Detox.  So what do you think I’m going to do today?  If you guessed “pig out on candy/chocolate/dessert” you’d be wrong.  I’m actually most excited today about having a clementine orange with my breakfast!

Yes…an orange.

True story…

Week 3 Update

This week went really smoothly.  I expected to feel more “ok let’s be done with this” by mid-week but I really felt pretty great overall.  Here are this week’s recipe notes:

  • The shepherd’s pie is really delicious!  I added garlic powder to the mashed cauliflower on top as well as cheese to help appeal to my kids palates (they aren’t crazy about mashed cauliflower).  It helped a little, but they still weren’t sold on it!
  • The apple donuts are fantastic!  I made them mini size and it made 15-18 (vs. 12).  They are SO tasty.
  • The biscuits make delicious breakfast sandwiches with egg & bacon in them!
  • The bacon burgers are just as awesome as you might think. 😉
  • Do not hesitate to try the balsamic squash.  I made sure to step out of my normal cooking comfort zone to try different combinations during this and I was so glad I did.  This recipe is fantastic and I will definitely be making it again!

Before I started, I was in a pretty bad habit of the following:

  • Eating a lot more fruit than vegetables both at meals and for snacks
  • Snitching a tiny sweet in the afternoon to curb that “need for sweet” taste
  • Eating a decent sugary treat (even real food/natural sweeteners but STILL sugar treat) every night…EVERY NIGHT…whether I was even hungry at all or NOT.

I *love* sweets & dessert…just ask my husband.  He’s seen me eat 10 roasted marshmallows in a sitting.  He knows my sweet tooth.

But I think he also knew I would have success at this detox, because if there’s one thing I’m good at, its following an eating plan & sticking with it.

And stick with it I did…and my results are great! 

Here are some of the results I experienced from doing the detox…

  • Sleeping Better:  I am getting the same # of hours of sleep at night as before, but not only am I sleeping more soundly, I’m waking up at just after 6 each day feeling refreshed and not groggy.
  • Energy:  I definitely have more energy…I feel less lethargic & foggy.  I have been on top of my exercise, getting in 5 days/week and feeling great.
  • Way Less Cravings:  My sugar cravings or need to have a “sweet something” during the day are just about gone now.  During this last week, especially, I’ve had no issue with wanting to have something sweet.
  • Things Taste Sweeter:  On Saturday I was eating some baby carrots and shared some with my husband.  I mentioned to him how sweet and tasty they were, and didn’t he agree?  He just kind of looked at me and said “they taste like carrots”. 🙂  But to me they tasted like candy carrots.  I’ve also been enjoying “hot chocolate” made with just whole milk & cocoa powder…yep NO sugar.  It tastes awesome.

And because I know some of you are wondering, here are my weight/measurement results after doing this.  My weight went down, then up, then down, but I ended up with a net loss.  As I mentioned previously, this is not trying to lose anything.  I was eating like crazy…lots of fats & proteins along with my veggies.  Below, I showed inches for 3 basic measurements, but I did measure other areas and they all went DOWN.  I’m mostly glad about the largest part of my stomach that went down 1.25″ just on its own!

Total Weight Loss:  -2.9 lbs
Total Inches Lost:  -3.25″  (between my waist, hips & thighs)

And finally I want to take a minute to answer a few questions that I kept hearing throughout the detox from friends and blog followers…

Q:  Don’t you miss ________ ? (fruit, chocolate, sugar, etc…)
A:  Well…not really! The first few days I did long for my normal night time pile of sweet junk to eat, but I had prepped ahead of time with some 21DSD friendly snacks & “treats” so I had something to wean me over this time. Near the end I did start thinking about fruit a lot more. One day when I was serving up peaches to my girls and those peaches looked SO good. And the above mentioned clementines have been calling my name for 2 days while I finished up the detox! But once I got past Day 4-5, my sweets craving just about disappeared.

Q:  Did you experience any headaches, flu-like symptoms, or other withdrawal type issues?
I did not; and at first this surprised me, but about half way through I think I figured out why.  I started a Paleo diet back in June.  This means that by the start of this, I already had over 4 months where I had been off of all grains and eating a much lower carb diet than the standard American (I eat about 100-150 g per day).  I think this helped a LOT with not having a drastic carb reduction that comes with doing the 21DSD.  That said, do not let the thought of withdrawal keep you from trying the detox.  These symptoms only last a day or 2 and after you will feel so much better than before! Trust me – its worth it!

Q:  WHY are you doing this?  I don’t want to NOT want dessert…I love dessert!
I get it, I do. But not craving dessert and being a slave to blood sugar ups & downs does not mean that you never eat dessert again. I did the detox to get control over my body; to get control over that blood sugar roller coaster. Do I still like dessert – ummm….YES! Will I still eat dessert – YES. But do I get cravings every day for sweets now… NO. And besides curbing those cravings and leveling out the blood sugar, better sleep & more energy are a tremendous benefit. Also I was “lucky” enough to experience my “womanly cycle” during the 2nd week and guess what? I had NO PMS cravings. And while I generally have 1 day of pretty bad cramps that require meds, this cycle I had barely any and they were never bad enough to even consider taking anything. We’re talking HORMONE control here!

Q:   What are you going to do now?
A:    Good question!  I plan to keep my sugar at a minimum and to add in fruit here and there, but not in large quantities and as much as I used to.  I want to keep my habit of having very low sugar snacks in the evening and I’d like to save sweet treats for special times and way less frequently than I used to. Also,  I am going to add in more sweet potato again – especially on the days I exercise.  Tthe lower carb diet was draining me a bit near the end of the detox on my runs – but that was partly my fault for not being consistent with eating some dense carbs after all my workouts.

So there you have it!  21 Days done!  I’d love to hear your comments and questions, so ask away! 🙂  I know so many people who have told me (or are even now thinking) that they could NEVER do this.  All I can say is – never say never, you can do anything if you put your mind to it and try.  Often the reason we don’t try things like this is because it’s out of our comfort zone and we really don’t want to change.  Change can be SO good!  Don’t let fear keep you from feeling the best you can.

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