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Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipe Round Up - Bacon & Whipped Cream
Gluten Free Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Thanksgiving is probably one of my favorite holidays.  It ties together two of my favorite things:  family & food.  I am always up for family time, and I love eating.  It’s a win-win holiday! I love that this is a … Read More

About Me

My Story… Hello and Welcome to Bacon & Whipped Cream I know that nutrition can be overwhelming.  There is SO MUCH information out there! I also know that even when we do what we think is best, we don’t get … Read More

Nutritional Therapy Services

What is Nutritional Therapy? I use my knowledge of nutrition & the body, to help people address health concerns and reach those health goals they are striving for. I believe that nutrition can be an important part of the body’s … Read More

Meal Planning 101 & 1 Week Plan Ebook
Meal Planning = Less Dinner Stress

There are 3 times throughout the year that people seem to be motivated to get things organized and start new routines:  New Years, Spring, and Back to School time.  Here we are in September and I’ve talked to many people … Read More

Measuring Health & Fitness Progress

I just recently did a 21 Day Sugar Detox.  Twenty-one days of no sugar, and minimal fruit.  Lots of veggies & healthy meats & fats plus some great healthy carbs.  Guess how much weight I lost… 0  …  well actually … Read More


Why Safer Beauty? Did you know that the US bans or restricts the use of only 13 ingredients for beauty products, yet over 1400 are restricted or banned in Europe?  Many of these ingredients have been shown to cause cancer, … Read More