Welcome to Bacon & Whipped Cream!  I started this blog in Jan 2013 as a “part 2” of my original blog “Eat Run Grow”.  I transitioned all of the posts from that blog here.

Why “Bacon & Whipped Cream”?

Despite the likely approval of Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope, my blog name is actually a theory I came up with years before the awesome show Parks & Rec came into existence.  Many years ago I came up with the theory that pretty much any food can be made even more awesome by adding either BACON or WHIPPED CREAM.   Think about it….  think of any food you love:  fruit?  add whipped cream… potatoes [of any kind!]?  add bacon!  I think there have been VERY, VERY few things my family has ever come up with that didn’t get improved by adding one of these delicious things.

So what’s this blog about?

My four main passions, the 4 F’s:   Food, Fitness, Family/Home, & Faith

  • I love food – I love to bake, I love to cook, I love to mess with recipes… I love to eat! AND  I love to eat REAL FOOD.  My blog is about eating delicious, real food.  I love to take recipes that are filled with processed/refined items, and convert them into delicious, whole food recipes.  Foods that you will love to eat and that your body will love you for eating.
  • I love to participate in and learn about fitness.  My preferred cardio is running, and while I may not be speedy fast, or run 40 miles/week, I love doing it and I love how I feel from running!  I also do strength training both at home and through classes at our local Y.
  • I love my family!  Plain and simple.  I love to find new ways to have fun as a family, create a more efficient/functional home [yay for organization!], and I love to find new ways to make us all happy & healthy.
  • I love my faith!  Our family has been truly blessed with each other and to have a loving Father who hears us, meets our needs, and gave us eternal life.  My faith has brought me through the many ups and downs in life ~ times that I can’t imagine going through without Him by my side.

Who am I?

My Family
I am Stephani, the “voice” behind Bacon & Whipped Cream.  I am mom 2 two beautiful girls. We live in the country just outside a small town (and about 10 miles from a bigger one) in Wisconsin. I’m a stay at home mom, runner, blogger, website maker, baker/chef, school helper, and a lot of other stuff thrown in there. 🙂

I love cooking and baking! I have a VAST collection of recipes and cook books and we are always trying out a new recipe for dinner. I enjoy making healthy foods and snacks for my kids to eat. I love to bake and I do a lot of cake and cookie decorating as well.

Besides cooking, another hobby of mine is knitting. I got into it a few years ago and I love it. I love making

First 5K!
Me and Dave after our first 5K!

new creations for my kids and other family members…and myself of course! 🙂 I also love reading and creating on my computer. I do some web site work for myself (of course) and for a few other people as

well. I enjoy doing it and it keeps my brain going.

But to balance out all that sitting time I like to get moving by hitting the road – with my running shoes. I was a runner when I was in high school but that pretty much stopped when I graduated. Then a couple years ago I decided to get back into it.  I’ve done a couple 5K races and someday I hope to work up to bigger things. The pic on the right is from my first 5K.  My husband, Dave, and I did it together.  It was his first as well!

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