I am Stephani, owner of Bacon & Whipped Cream.  I am mom to two girls. We live in the country just outside a small town in Wisconsin. I’m a stay at home mom, Christian, reader, runner, blogger, website maker, baker/chef, school volunteer, and a lot of other stuff thrown in between!

I love cooking, baking, and creating things of all kinds to eat! I'm passionate about nutrition and fitness as well as helping others to achieve their health goals. I look forward to getting to know you!


I love to bake, cook, and create recipes... and I love to eat!  I'm passionate about nutrition and whole foods. I love to take recipes that are filled with processed/refined items, and convert them into delicious, whole food recipes. I aspire to create foods that you will love to eat and that your body will love you for eating.

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Exercise is crucial to keeping your body functioning properly and to keeping you strong to avoid injury. It is so important to get your body moving daily to achieve a healthy body and mind.  While I do love running, I am especially a big fan of walking, sprints & HIIT workouts, and strength training.  These are where I focus most of my workouts.

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Through minimalism, we can improve our lives, and live a life of purpose by keeping the things that add to our lives, while discarding those that take away from it. Simplifying our lives by decluttering our home and carefully choosing how we spend our time allows us to live the life we truly want:  Time spent with family & friends, time helping others, and enjoying those moments instead of watching life speed by.

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Why "Bacon and Whipped Cream"?

Despite the likely approval of Ron Swanson and Leslie Knope, my blog name is actually a theory I came up with years before the awesome show Parks & Rec came into existence.  Many years ago I came up with the theory that pretty much any food can be made even more awesome by adding either BACON or WHIPPED CREAM.   Think of any food you love:  fruit?  add whipped cream... potatoes? add bacon!  There have been VERY few things my family has ever come up with that couldn't be improved by adding one of these delicious things.