Book Review: Everyday Detox

When I was asked to review a copy of Everyday Detox by Megan Gilmore (of, I was really curious what it would hold. I never know what I’m going to see out of something labeled “detox”. Our bodies are very capable of detoxing themselves as long as we feed ourselves good, whole foods. It may take time, but you don’t need special shakes, smoothies, juices, pills, etc. to do this. Thankfully Gilmore isn’t promoting a juice cleanse or pills, but a focus on whole foods! That is one thing I loved about the book.

Everyday Detox Book - Bacon & Whipped Cream

Her focus is on optimal digestion by eating certain food groups separately from one another. The one exception is non-starchy veggies that you can eat anytime (as well as fats). You eat meals 4 hrs apart and you pick one food category + non-starchy veggies per meal. While she goes into her reasoning on “why”, I’m not sure if its backed up by science or any sort of trials. I’m not saying its BAD to eat this way by any means, I’m just not 100% convinced its NECESSARY. But that’s my thoughts on the eating plan she promotes.
The recipes themselves all look pretty great. Some are a little different than what I would normally make, but many are delicious. Even better, all include great, whole foods!
One thing you should know going into this book, however, is that it seems very focused on a vegetarian (or at the least pescatarian) lifestyle. While she includes meats in the Animal Protein category at the beginning of the book, there are only THREE recipes with meat in the entire book, and all 3 of those are fish. So if you are looking for more standard meat dinner meals, you’ll have to look for a different book.
I love meat of all kinds, so this lack of meat was a disappointment to me. I don’t just love meat for the taste, but for the great nutrition it offers. Especially when you’re looking at getting a complete protein. While beans, nuts, & veggies do offer some protein, it’s hard to get the complete protein your body needs without meat. Additionally, when I took 2 of her daily “meal plans” and calculated the macro nutrients, I found that one had about 49g protein and the other 39g. While this # does fall into the guidelines for an “average” 135 lb woman (RDA = weight * .36), keep in mind that if you are heavier, or if you are actively exercising (strength or endurance training), your protein totals should be higher! (Training adults should get .6-.9 * weight for protein). Here is a great article about protein that goes more in depth.
So in conclusion…its not a bad book! The recipes are good, and the layout & photos are beautiful to look at. Its cleanly laid out and easy to navigate. Its filled with great, whole food recipes and encourages you to eat whole foods.
For more details on the book, including some snapshots of recipes, etc., visit the Detoxonista’s book on her site.

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.  While the book was given to me, the thoughts & opinions on it are all my own! :-)


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