Book Review: The More of Less

Today I want to talk a bit about a fantastic book I read recently:  The More of Less by Joshua Becker.  If you travel in the minimalism circles at all, you’ve probably heard of Joshua from his blog, Becoming Minimalist.  I have been a big fan of Joshua’s blog for awhile now, and I’ve read his e-book, Simplify, a few years ago (also a good read!).  I was excited to read his new book and get deeper into my minimalism journey.

Book Review The More of Less

I’ve always been a clutter free person.

I don’t like piles of stuff sitting around and I don’t like lots of things on surfaces & walls. I love a more open, fresh, clean feel. But reading through this book (and his blog) helped me see where I could reduce even more to make my life easier & simpler. It isn’t my goal to have a sparse home with one chair and everything white. I know th