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Weekend 5K Race Recap

The race last weekend went well! I had set my Garmin watch to keep me at a 9:20-9:30 pace. Which means that if I went slower than that, it would beep at me to speed up. Yet, I went into … Read More

Holiday = Busy Time

Last Sunday Dave and I ran a 5K race near where my mom lives. It worked out perfect since we celebrated Thanksgiving with family there on Saturday and then we spent the night there. That was nice since it saved … Read More

The need for speed!

 Ok so I don’t need speed.  I have no illusions of ever running a race to compete with anyone other than myself.   But that’s what it all comes down to for me – always working to improve and seeing if … Read More

Setting Goals & Fitness Plans

Happy First Day of Fall! Since signing up for the personal trainer program, I’ve been thinking a lot about my fitness goals. What do I want to achieve both through this program and personally in the next weeks/months/year?   Sometimes … Read More