Product Reviews

I started this site to share information and to have a place to talk about the things I love.  From time to time, I am approached to try products for review on my blog.  I do love to review new products under the following circumstances:

  1. The product is something that falls in line with what I eat/use and how we live.
  2. I am able to give a full, honest opinion of the product.

In other words – I don’t just try products to get “free stuff”, and I will never, ever give an opinion based on any form of free product/compensation.  Any review you see on BaconAndWhippedCream.com is mine.  So if I love something – I’ll let you know…and if I don’t love it?  Well, I’ll be letting you know that as well!

Along these lines, all product reviews do reflect my own opinion and not that of any other person, place, store, or manufacturer.

Affiliate Links and Ads

From time to time, I share a link to an external site.  Occasionally, these links contain affiliate links.  This means that when you click that link and purchase an item, I receive a tiny portion of the purchase.  These links allow me slightly offset the cost of my site and the time I invest writing and researching. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Please Note: I never use affiliate links on a whim – I only link to products that I would personally buy myself.  Any link recommendations you see are products I truly love and believe in.

Periodically, I do allow companies to buy a sponsored ad that I feature on my site.  My ad policy is strictly to products that I believe in and would use myself.  I try to keep them to a minimum overall to reduce the congestion of the site.

Site Terms

From time to time I also share my thoughts on food, health, nutrition, and exercise.  These thoughts and opinions are mine alone.  While I do read and research the topics I write about, I’m human, and there’s always a place for error.  Please note that the information on this blog is for advice only and any nutrition and fitness changes and decisions you make are your choice and should be discussed with your health care provider.  By using this site, you agree to not hold me accountable for use of any information contained within.  You may use the information contained here at your own risk and this site makes no promises on results of following the information that is shared.

Privacy Policy

I respect your privacy!  I hate spam and I will never, ever sell or give your information to anyone.  If you sign up for any newsletter or blog RSS feed to be emailed to you, you can always unsubscribe at any time.  I never sign anyone up without being asked.  If you contact me either through the Contact form or via a comment on a blog post, your information will only be used to reply to any inquiry that you may have brought up.

This site does use cookies to track site statistics.  This information [your IP address, date/time, etc] is purely for my reference so that I know how to best format my site to make it the most useful to my visitors.  I do not sell or give out any of my site data.  It is purely for my own geeky enjoyment. 🙂  I love stats!

Some sites that I link to may contain other privacy policies.  As I can not control everyone else’s policies, it is in your best interest to review them upon visiting a new site.

In Closing…

By using this site, BaconAndWhippedCream.com, you agree to the terms and policies described on this page.  If you do not agree, do not visit this site.  If you have any questions regarding these policies, please don’t hesitate to contact me!

Thanks for visiting!