Home Life

Sure I love fitness & food, but there’s more to life than that! 🙂  Here is where I share everything else!


Did you know we have 12 lovely hens and 1 rooster?  We love our fresh eggs!


My 2 girls are such a blessing to my life.  Read about our parenting and school experiences in this category.

Crafts & Knitting

So I’m not super crafty over all…I do love to make fun projects from Pinterest though. 😉  I can decorate a cake pretty well, too.  But my favorite crafty thing to do is knit!


I *heart* organization.  I love to buy bins, baskets, files, and labels.  Being organized is an important aspect of a simplified life.


I have to admit, gardening isn’t my favorite thing – but I do love the rewards of the labor you put into it.  We love to have our fresh grown produce to enjoy all summer long.


ThingsEverything else that doesn’t fit in. 🙂

Green Cleaning

As part of a healthy life, we are progressing into a “greener” way of life.  Say goodbye to chemicals!

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