Mini-Update & Book Review: Strong is the New Skinny

Some days I question my ability as a blogger, but then other days I realize that life is what it is.  I write when I feel inspired, and when I am at a loss for words (or not feeling it), I don’t! Life has been good, just the normal busy.  I spent the fall learning about kettle bells and growing to love them!  Right now I’m just keeping a steady workout routine going and contemplating my next goal/challenge.  My friend and I did decide to start a push up challenge, though.  In addition to normal workouts, we’re doing 25 pushups/day Feb-April.  Which works out to 2225 push ups total.  Though I’m guessing the # will be higher because sometimes in class we do way more than 25!

But today I’m here to do a little book review on the most recent fitness book I finished:  Strong is the New Skinny.  I want to start out by saying that while this phrase has kind of become an internet “fitspo” inspiration, I’m not always crazy about it. I like the idea behind it, but most memes filled with this phrase only show super skinny, ripped girls.  Strength comes in all sizes; and I know a lot of non-super skinny girls that are WAY stronger than any fitspo meme out there.


Ok that aside, let’s get to the book review!  The book starts out with some basic fitness talk & advice.  This was one of my favorite parts of the book, because it focused so much on the mental aspect of getting healthy & fit.  The mental part of exercise is huge; sometimes just getting past our mind talking us out of a workout is 90% of the battle!  I loved the advice for getting motivation and staying motivated.

Another part of the book I really liked was strengthening and cardio exercises/workouts included.  The authors created a great list of basic moves for the whole body.  This is both a great starting point for someone looking to add some strength training to their life, as well as for those just looking to try something new.

There were 2 parts of the book that I wasn’t as crazy about, however.  The first were the fitness tests included that allow you to judge your current fitness level.  The concept is great, however some of the wording wasn’t clear, and I found the step test to be very subjective since the speed you do it will greatly affect the outcome/result.

The second was the nutritional information. The basics of it were good, but I’m not personally a fan of “diets” that bash healthy saturated fats while telling you to eat canola oil (please don’t!  Its bad stuff – read this article!)  I also lean more on the side of a good solid 3 meals/day, where she likes the small meals & snacks method.  For more information on the benefits of eating less frequently (vs. the commonly talked about “frequent small meals”), check out this article by Robb Wolf on Meal Frequency.

All in all, it was a pretty good book on fitness and taking charge of your health.  I think reading it, especially for the initial part on finding your motivation, is a great idea.  Despite my constant reading of fitness & health information, I almost always come away from a new book or blog post with another bit of helpful information.

Below is a little excerpt from the book for you to check out – Happy reading!

I received this book from the Blogging for Books program in exchange for this review.  While the book was given to me, the thoughts & opinions on it are all my own! :-)

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