The need for speed!

 Ok so I don’t need speed.  I have no illusions of ever running a race to compete with anyone other than myself.   But that’s what it all comes down to for me – always working to improve and seeing if I can beat my personal records.

That pic on the left is from me crossing the finish line at the 5K I did this past April (pic source).  My chip time for that race was 31:49.  The year before I did 31:25.

Yes, it is true, I’m not real fast. 🙂
But I do it and I feel great when I finish. I love to go to races. The energy, adrenaline, and fun of the experience is so great. If you run, I encourage you to sign up for a local race.

You don’t have to have any intentions of winning – go for the experience.

Part of what I love about races is that they make me push myself harder while I run them. I generally have a better pace during a race then I get during a regular run.
Yet I still want to push for more!
So I found a plan recently in my Shape magazine called 5 Weeks to a 5K. This is more of a plan for someone who has been running for a bit and can do about 2 miles. (If you are a new beginning runner, I highly recommend the Couch to 5K plan. This is what I used when I got back into running after many years off.)
I had to tweak the layout of days to fit in with my current schedule but I’m excited to see where it leads me. Today I did my first (ever) speed workout. I’ve been running for a few years and I’ve never done one before. I keep reading about them and planning to work them in but I never have.
I will tell you – it was exhausting but rewarding! I wasn’t sure I’d make it through the 2nd one. But I averaged about a 9 min mile on the fast intervals (about 1.5 min/mile faster than my normal exercise jog pace). I joked with my husband that I felt bad calling it a “speed” workout while running a 9 min mile. But it’s all relative, right??
Hubby and I have signed up for another 5K race at the end of the month. So it will be interesting to see what this plan does for me and my pace.
But some of the best news from today is how my body felt. YES my lungs were tired during those fast parts, but for once I didn’t have any leg aches or pains. No foot weirdness…no hip aches, no muscle fatigue. I’m giving the credit for this to my strength training sessions with my trainer. I’ve always heard that building strength with weight training will help your running. And I guess I believed it but not enough to DO it. 😉
Live and learn… Get out there and challenge yourself to try something new and push yourself a little bit more!

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  • You crazy lady!! LOL I say that because while you’re out running the streets of Omro, I’m at home in a fleecy sweater pmsing and feeling all icky. Proud of your progress sister! Honest!

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