If you spend any amount of time online looking for information on nutrition, you have likely run across many different opinions on what you should eat.  High fat, low fat....high carb, low carb... eat more meat, eat less meat... eat butter, avoid saturated fat.  And the list goes on... It can be confusing to make sense of all of the information out there.  But don't fear, there is hope! 

Finding the right food for your body is a personal journey.  Not every body responds to things equally.  While certain things drastically affect one person, they may cause no issue for another.  Example...I can not handle raw onions well.  They leave me with horrible indigestion.  But my husband eats them with no issue.  Gluten consumption wrecks my digestive system for a good week-10 days, while, again my husband shows no negative digestive response to it.  Other people can not possibly tolerate dairy, but others eat it fine.

Below is a list of posts focused on the subject of nutrition.  You can also read about What I Eat and my general recommendations in this post.

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Meal Planning 101 & 1 Week Plan Ebook

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