Product Review: Eat Smart Digital Food Thermometer + Giveaway!

I have always loved kitchen gadgets.  I love wandering around a kitchen store and marveling at all of the fun and interesting products out there. But over time I have learned which gadgets are actually useful, and which have short-lived usefulness. 

One thing I won’t go without in my kitchen, though, is a food thermometer.  This is a tool I’m reaching for every week (or multiple times per week). A food thermometer is not just something for the accomplished chef but should be in the kitchen of anyone who cooks meat.  It’s a matter of both food safety & food tastiness!  Underdone meat can result in sickness and overdone meat results in a dry chewy meal.  Below is a chart courtesy of with recommended cooking times for meats.  The rest time is the time you should let the meat sit after cooking.

Category Food Temp (°F) Rest Time
Ground Meat Beef/Pork/Lamb
Fresh Beef, Veal, Lamb Steaks/Roasts/Chops 145 3 min
Poultry All types 165 None
Pork/Ham Raw Pork/Ham
Precooked Ham
3 min

I’ve always had a standard meat thermometer, but recently I received this digital one from Eat Smart.  It is their Elite Thermocouple Digital Food Thermometer.  I certainly love digital things!  Here is some info about this thermometer:

Eat Smart Thermocouple Digital Food Thermometer
  • Measures between -40 to 572 °F in Celsius or Fahrenheit with a resolution of 0.1 degrees F
  • InstaRead Technology: Readings in 7 seconds or less
  • 4″ probe with 1.5mm step down tip and splash-proof design
  • Easy to read large 1.5″ LCD Display with blue backlight

I was really happy with how it worked, and it came at just the right time as I was making all of the food for my Meal Planning 101 ebook!  This thermometer got a lot of use testing those recipes and with the many meals I’ve made since.

Eat Smart Thermometer in my chicken
Yeah I know that temps a bit high!  It was in a bit too long and then it was resting for awhile. FYI… It still tasted good! 🙂

Here’s what I love about it…

  • The probe folds up nicely, which makes it more compact for storage.  And you won’t end up poking yourself if you’re digging around in a drawer for it.
  • The light up display is great to see the temp well.
  • Its fast to give a result – no waiting for the dial to move up slowly to see what the temp is.
  • The huge temp range and accuracy (see above) are amazing!
  • Its very affordable (currently $19.95 on Amazon)

The only downside is that being plastic, this is not a thermometer that you can leave in the oven.  So if you like to have a thermometer in all the time, stick with a non-digital, heatproof thermometer.

How about a giveaway?

The great people at Eat Smart want you to try one too, so they are sponsoring a giveaway for one of my readers.  You can enter below, and get extra entries over on my Instagram profile.  The winner will be chosen next Monday.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Eat Smart has a variety of great products.  I’ve reviewed their kitchen scale and bathroom scale previously. You can find Eat Smart online here:


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