Product Review: Eat Smart Digital Food Thermometer + Giveaway!

I have always loved kitchen gadgets.  I love wandering around a kitchen store and marveling at all of the fun and interesting products out there. But over time I have learned which gadgets are actually useful, and which have short-lived usefulness. 

One thing I won’t go without in my kitchen, though, is a food thermometer.  This is a tool I’m reaching for every week (or multiple times per week). A food thermometer is not just something for the accomplished chef but should be in the kitchen of anyone who cooks meat.  It’s a matter of both food safety & food tastiness!  Underdone meat can result in sickness and overdone meat results in a dry chewy meal.  Below is a chart courtesy of with recommended cooking times for meats.  The rest time is the time you should let the meat sit after cooking.

CategoryFoodTemp (°F)Rest Time
Ground MeatBeef/Pork/Lamb
Fresh Beef, Veal, LambSteaks/Roasts/Chops1453 min
PoultryAll types165None
Pork/HamRaw Pork/Ham
Precooked Ham