A record breaking weekend – 5K Race!

This past weekend was another 5K race! Not only was it my first race of this year, but it was my daughter’s first EVER race! It had taken a little convincing to get her to enter – mostly because she was unsure that she could do well. But we told her: no matter what, just have fun! That’s what its about. Trying new things, having a good time – and getting exercise while you do it! 🙂 This race was particularly nice, because it is very small. And because it was small, there was a very good chance she would place in her age group and get a medal. A big motivator for a 10 yr old!

Starting line! [She's #33]
Starting line! [She’s #33]
She did great!  I’m so proud of her! Next up, Dave and I ran the 5K portion.  This was my first time running this race, and Dave’s 3rd.  I have been doing my training runs on flat ground and this course has two hills ~ 1 long one and 1 steep one.  Killer! Despite it all, though, I finished strong and knocked my old PR out of the water by 1 min 33 sec!


It was really exciting, because it was some real proof of how strength training and hard work have paid off.  I broke under 30 min for a 5K!  A big goal of mine!  The results: Emily and I both placed 3rd in our age group! Gotta love a small race!


She was so proud that she wore the medal all weekend and was singing songs about how she won it.    She’s now excited about trying future races.  And maybe, just maybe, I can finally convince her to hit the road with me for a run. 

Now its Monday and onto a new week!  October only has a week and a half left – I can hardly believe it!  That also means that the month of October Unprocessed is coming to a close.  Overall I’ve done pretty well, with a few exceptions.  But just being mindful of it has really been eye opening so far.  Even if you aren’t ready to jump on the “all unprocessed bandwagon” for a month, I’d encourage you to look at all of the food you eat each day.  Write it down and make 3 lists:  Totally Unprocessed, Mostly Unprocessed, and Processed.  List the food you eat in that and see how you do!  It will give you some idea of where you’re at and maybe you can look at some places to start changing.  Baby steps! 🙂

Dave and I with Cassie getting ready to run!
Dave and I with Cassie getting ready to run!


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