Review: Ecover Laundry Soap

Today I want to share a new product I tried recently. As part of the Naturally Savvy Blogger Program, I received a bottle of Ecover Laundry Liquid in the Sunny Day scent.


I have been working through our home to “green up”. I’ve been replacing chemical cleaners with products that are healthier for us and the environment. So I was excited to try out this Ecover laundry soap.

Things I love about this soap…

  • Its a concentrate! Which means more for your $ and it doesn’t take up as much room in the laundry cabinet. 🙂
  • The bottle is a plant based plastic and is 100% recyclable & renewable. You can read more about their packaging here.
  • No phosphates or chlorine and the scent is plant based.
  • Works in my HE machine!
There are still a few ingredients that, given the choice, I would opt out of. But this product is a huge improvement over standard detergents with their long chemical list and heavy use of artificial dyes and fragrances.
But of course – how does it work?
Great! I have washed a variety of things from regular clothes to dirty kids stuff to workout clothing. It all came out looking clean and smelling great. While this product is available from amazon online, you can also find it at many local stores. I saw it in a local grocery, but you can go to their Where to Buy section of the site to find other sources.
Besides to laundry items, Ecover also makes various other household cleaning products. You can check them out on their site.
While I was shopping at the grocery store, I ran across the Ecover Laundry Stain Remover and picked that up to try. I’ve used it on a few different things and so far it is working great.

Do you use a more natural laundry soap? Or make your own? What’s your favorite eco-friendly laundry soap?


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