21 Day Sugar Detox – Week 1 Update

21 Day Sugar Detox - Week 1 ~ Bacon & Whipped CreamToday marks Day 8 of my 21 Day Sugar Detox – the beginning of Week 2!  I have gotten some questions about the detox and how it’s going so I will be sharing a weekly update on this.  Here’s Week 1!

Week 1 Update

Going into this, I wasn’t sure how hard this was going to be. As I mentioned in my previous post about starting the detox, I already ate a lot of the way that Level 2 calls for. The main changes were cutting out potatoes & sweet potatoes, cutting out fruit, and of course, cutting out the sugars. Because I was already eating Paleo, I didn’t have a severe withdrawal from sugars. Of course I’m quite happy about that!
The first half of the week went smoothly. At one point I ate a saltier lunch and craved that taste of sweet to balance it out but I did resist! By day 4 I found I was hungrier, but I kept eating the good healthy foods, and I felt a little crabby.
By day 6 I noticed I was sleeping better. I actually woke up at 6 am on Saturday morning feeling completely rested (despite only getting 7 hrs of sleep that night). This NEVER happens on a Sat morning (my sleep in day)! On day 7 (yesterday) I did have a little bit of digestive issues; which crazy enough, the book says you may experience on day 7…weird. But that’s all better today.
But here are is a summary of the main things I’m surprised about from Week 1:
  • I found I can drink coffee with only half & half (no sweetener) and still love & enjoy it!
  • If I’m motivated enough, I can make better lunches for myself rather than gathering randomness to eat.
  • Despite eating as much as I wanted of the “Yes” foods and never letting myself feel hungry ever, I lost 2.9 lbs this week!!
About that last one…I was already at my “good” weight and I had no intention of losing anything. I’d love to lose some body fat, but I definitely didn’t need to lose pounds. I ate nice sized, healthy meals, and snacked whenever I got hungry. I ate when I was hungry, regardless of the time on the clock. While this sugar detox is NOT meant to be a weight loss diet, it often turns out that way, due to getting healthier food in your body, and the reduction of carbs in your diet. A friend who’s also doing it and has lost over 6 lbs in her first week and she’s been eating healthy fats like crazy.
Its like a triple win if you want to break that sugar habit, get healthier and shed a few pounds in the process!

A few recipe notes from Week 1…

Here are a few notes about the recipes we tried:
  • The mayo was super easy to make, but I used EVOO and it was a bit strong in flavor.  Definitely will do something milder next time.  I also added salt to it.
  • The salmon salad was really, really good!  Not something i would have typically made in the past, but I loved it.
  • I baked the buffalo chicken egg muffins for 30 min instead of 40 and they were STILL a bit overdone (dark brown).  I would recommend starting at 20-25 min and checking them.  They tasted awesome though!
  • The mexican meatloaf is fantastic in flavor but came back REALLY hard for me with heartburn later.  Note to self:  Do NOT eat this prior to going for a run.  Oh the burn!
  • The side dishes of broccoli balsamic salad, cauliflower mashed potatoes, and cauliflower rice were all SO delicious!
  • I have to rave about the mustard glazed chicken thighs.  We’ve been using this recipe since I got her Practical Paleo book in May and it is, hands down, one of our favorite ones to make.
So now I’m on to Week 2!  I’m curious to see where it leads me.  If you are doing the detox, leave a comment or send me a message to tell me how its going.

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