21 Day Sugar Detox – Week 2 Update

21 Day Sugar Detox - Week 2 - Bacon and Whipped CreamWell a busy November schedule sure has the days flying by for this sugar detox.  I feel like I just wrote up the Week 1 update and now here I am at the end of Week 2!

Week 2 Update

Overall Week 2 went quite well. I was still expecting at some point to get huge cravings for sweets, but it didn’t happen. Any digestive issues I had from last week were gone by the start of this week and I’m sleeping better each night. I’ve been waking up feeling so well rested!
I did notice that I felt wiped out during my Fit Camp class this week. I wasn’t sure whether to attribute it to not working out much in the 2 prior weeks due to a pulled muscle, or because I haven’t been good with adding in dense carbs to make up for the exercise as the book instructs. So I’m going to be better about that this next week and make sure I add in some sweet potato on harder workout days. Also, I also weighed in this morning and saw a gained a few pounds back – which I’m fine with. I have been trying to make sure I get enough to eat and I also wonder if my lack of refueling after exercise had anything to do with that. The body is a mystery sometimes!
The book has been accurate for me with predicting where I’m at in the journey. In the book, Diane goes day by day on what you may be experiencing. I chose not to read through this ahead of time, but read them after I completed the days. I didn’t want to have any suggestive feelings based on what she said. When I read about the days I had passed, I was often surprised on how spot on the book was with how I was feeling. In fact yesterday’s note started with “Not only falling asleep faster, but also sleeping better through the night and waking up feeling more well rested.” I laughed when I read it because I had been thinking about how quick I had fallen asleep the night before.
As I did last week, here are some recipe notes from this week…
  • If there’s one recipe you’ll for sure have as a keeper, its the spaghetti squash bolognese.  This recipe is a carry over from her Practical Paleo book and was one of my favorites in that book.  SO YUMMY!
  • The root vegetable hash is so yummy.  I prepped this by cooking up the bacon and shredding it all the night before and it took minutes to cook up the next morning.
  • My husband and I just loved the brussels sprouts and cabbage side dish.  The cinnamon was unexpected but went wonderful with the flavors.  I’m so uncreative when it comes to this kind of seasoning while cooking!
  • The carrot muffins are delicious with any meal or for a snack.  They took a little prep but they are worth it.  I love quick, on-the-go breakfast options like this.
And now just one more week to go.  While this week did bring a few temptations right in my face (caramel apple dip and dinner rolls!), I felt good that I didn’t have a big urge at all to eat them and I was fine without it.  I’m feeling great and that trumps eating “off plan”.  I want to do it right and make it through the 21 days without a cheat.

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