Why Safer Beauty?

Did you know that the US bans or restricts the use of only 13 ingredients for beauty products, yet over 1400 are restricted or banned in Europe?  Many of these ingredients have been shown to cause cancer, hormone disruptions, or birth defects.  Finding healthy products can be a challenging task. You shouldn't have to worry if the ingredients in your beauty routine are harmful to your body. This is what drew me to Beautycounter. 

I had been seeing Beautycounter talked about online for a couple years.  Various bloggers raved about the products, how well they worked, and the strict screening process that Beautycounter has for their products.  It wasn't until the last few months that I finally got myself to place an order.

And I loved everything I tried!

Fantastic skin care products, high quality  & fun makeup products, plus hair care & body products as well!  It didn't take me too long to decide to join the Beautycounter movement.  I am passionate about healthy living, and these products fit so well into my life.

I'd love to share these products with you as well!  If you'd like to learn more about what ingredients you should avoid in your beauty products, feel free to send me a message & sign up for my newsletter (below).  Its good to be an informed consumer as you read those labels on your beauty products.  I also encourage you to go to the Environmental Workgroup's site and search for some of your current beauty products to see their ingredient safety.  I know that there were some things that surprised me about what I was using before!

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Watch this video to see Beautycounter founder, Gregg Renfew, talk about how the company got started and the mission of Beautycounter.

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