Blending It Up with Fitness Blender

I wanted to take a minute to share a great site I came across online.  Within minutes of looking around the site, I was so excited and couldn’t believe it was FREE!  The site?

This site is filled with tons of great workout videos.

You can focus on Abs, do some Pilates, or do like I did today and hit it good with one of their 1000 calorie, 84 min workout videos with HIIT, strength & abs! The 1000 calories is based on how hard you work. It was nice that they also offered a low end calorie burn estimate. For this workout, it was 669.
I plugged in the basics of the workout into my Map My Run account afterwards and interestingly enough, it came up with 668. While I did hit it pretty hard, I know I could even push more. But I doubt I hit 1000 calories burned! Regardless, it was a great workout, and calories WERE burned!
After today’s workout, I’m excited to try others. There are various shorter segments of specific areas: arms, legs, abs, etc. as well as specific types of exercise like kettlebell, yoga, HIIT, or pilates.
Fitness Blender does offer a few paid workout plans, like this 8 Week Weight Loss & Tone program for $5. This quote intrigued me:
People who have completed the first 8 Week Program have lost 16-24 lbs, had significant changes in body composition, increases in tone, and improved endurance, flexibility, and strength.
Sounds great, right? I haven’t tried any of these yet but I might look into one when it gets closer to summer and I’ll be working out more at home and less at gym classes.

So that’s what I’m up to – what are you doing? Anyone else know of any other workout sites online like this?

p.s. I’m not getting anything by endorsing this site – they don’t even know who I am. 😉 I just love it and wanted to share it!

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