Going Grain free with Paleo

Going Grain Free

The biggest change I’ve made this summer is deciding to try Paleo and go grain free.  I started reading about Paleo last year and this spring I got the awesome book Practical Paleo from the library.  I’ll review that in detail another day, but let’s just say I loved it and ordered it right away.
For those that aren’t familiar with Paleo eating, it’s essentially eating high quality (grass fed) meats, LOTS of veggies, fruits, nuts & seeds, and using healthy oils like coconut, ghee/butter, extra virgin olive oil. With Paleo you avoid all grains, and the strict Paleo person will do no dairy and pretty much no sugar. To heal your body if you’re experiencing digestive, skin, inflammation (of any kind), autoimmune issues etc., you should cut out diary & sugars of all kinds for 30 days and then slow add things back in. I’ve done no dairy before and didn’t see a huge difference, so I didn’t worry about it. I also do make some sweets but use only unrefined sugar sources (maple syrup, honey, coconut sugar, or dates).

The Changes I’ve Seen With Paleo

While I didn’t have huge digestive issues before starting this or anything, I have noticed that I feel great eating like this. I don’t get bloated from eating and I haven’t had heart burn, indigestion or lots of gas (of any kind) since giving up the gluten & grains. This is pretty awesome because I got heart burn or indigestion enough that it was irritating, but not horrible. But not having ANY is even better!
I am more energetic and less “blah”. I way in a kind of haze of a funk before doing this. Not depressed but there were times I would feel like doing NOTHING and I would sit there and lack the ambition or energy to want to do anything. I don’t feel like that anymore.
No “grains” means no: bread, grain based flours (gluten OR gluten free), corn, beans, etc. I’ve been trying my hand at some baking with coconut flour and almond flour (as well as flour free varieties of cookies and brownies).
Make NO mistake – I’ve had plenty of fantastic things to eat!  I *heart* food and I feel like I’m eating like a queen. I know people are skeptical when I tell them about this, but I’ll share more about this eating over time to show some insights on the benefits and the practicality of it. In the meantime if you want more, check out the Balanced Bites (author of the book above) website’s FAQ about Paleo.
Initially I planned to try it for a month and just do that, but now its been 2 months and I’m still going strong and loving how I feel. The last time I ate a wheat thing it left me bloated and off digestive-wise for 2 days. I feel so much better without it. I’m not saying I NEVER cheat, but, it’s pretty rare. There is little that tempts me anymore.
So that’s what I’ve been up to – I invite your questions and comments on it!

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