On a day like today…

Its 45 degrees in January in Wisconsin! And while I could take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather and run outside, I am sick with no energy.
So what to do? Knit of course!
I have wanted to share this headband that I recently finished. It is a pattern called Ropes & Ladders from the book Knitting 24/7 that I checked out at the library. I have to admit that I wasn’t very impressed with the actual pattern. It made no sense how they did it. I ended up making revisions to it based on other knitters suggestions from Ravelry. I have plans to make some more, but I’m going to come up with my own pattern. But here’s my creation…
2012-01-31_headband12012-01-31_headband2Today I dug through my projects basket and pulled out some socks I had been working on.  My first “people” socks.  I’ve done a few pairs of socks for the girls’ American Girl dolls.  Believe it or not, I started/knit the first sock on our vacation back in August!  Yeah…2012-01-31_sock1This pattern is from the book Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders.  I love the One Skein Wonders books!  So many neat projects that are quick, but don’t use a ton of yarn so it keeps it affordable.  These socks are in the color Planetarium from Knit Picks. I love the color!  Its even prettier than the photo…more rich and dark.Here’s what I started in on today while I caught up on my Parks & Recreation. [LOVE that show!]2012-01-31_sock2I’m going to work on it more tonight.  I’m doing the heel flap so it doesn’t look like much progress for a bit. 🙂The good news is, that after 4 days of being sick I think I’m improving.  I know this because I’m getting an appetite back again.  The past couple days I’ve been eating here and there ~ healthy, but not a ton.  I think it has caught up with me!  Time to go dig up some yummy food for supper tonight! 

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  • Glad you’re starting to feel better. Love the headband! I like headbands, but hate how they dig in. Something like this would be much better! Wish I had the knack for knitting… I feel like such a putz when I do it. 🙁

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