One Year of Paleo!


So with June approaching I realized that I was marking one year doing Paleo! What started out as a “well I’ll try this for a month to see what its all about” has turned into a definite lifestyle for me. Meanwhile I have gotten a lot of interesting questions from friends & family. I’ve also had many people who like to find some way to challenge my decisions to eat the way I do. I’ve learned so much about food & healthy eating over the last year that my head could explode – but in a good way!
Here’s what I’ve learned… I feel the best when I keep grains out of my diet; especially gluten! No, I’m not celiac, and no I didn’t have IBS or another huge digestive issue. However here are some things I noticed without grains (and gluten especially)…
  • Semi-frequent Heartburn (1-3x/week) is GONE. I always thought that it was the rich foods I ate (peppers, tomato stuff, raw onions, etc). Turns out I can eat that stuff just fine with no bad affects IF I’m not eating grains. It was the grains that caused the stomach issues & digestive burn!
  • Gluten = Bloating! And I am not kidding you. Below is a picture from about a month ago when I enjoyed a dessert with wheat flour in it. It takes about a day or two for this to hit fully. Left side is my gluten baby, right side is normal:
  • Gluten Baby!
    My gluten baby…
    And of course where there is bloating…there is… well you know. And that is much improved by keeping grains out of my diet.
  • Energy!!! I used to spend a lot of time feeling lethargic. Despite the fact that I exercised 3-4 times/week, and ate “healthy” I often felt sluggish, especially mid afternoon. I slept until 7:30 or 8:00 on weekends because I was so tired! After a few months of paleo I was feeling so energized, and now 6-6:30 is a normal waking time for me; and I feel refreshed.
  • Sleep Quality... I especially noticed the change in this when I cut back sugar to do the sugar detox at the end of 2013. The change in how well I slept was crazy! During that time I was actually waking, refreshed at 5:15-5:30 am! Craziness! I fell off my low-sugar wagon in Feb and I recently just completed the detox again to get myself on track. I find that I feel SO much better when I keep my sugar to a LOW intake.

So that wraps up my 1 yr of paleo. I ♥ Paleo!

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