Why Minimalism?

You may have heard this quote:

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Have you ever felt like you are ALWAYS organizing?  Maybe you have organized and reorganized the same area multiple times but it still ends up a disaster and chaotic.  You might think you just haven't found the proper organizing bins, baskets, or dividers to make it stay nice.
But maybe...just maybe...the problem isn't the bins.  Perhaps its the actual "stuff".  Its impossible to organize clutter.  If we have too many things, taking up too much space, the end result will always slip back to chaos.  In order to be free of the "organize again" treadmill, we need to de-own. 
This doesn't mean just throwing out trash.  While that's also important, to achieve freedom from the clutter and disorganization in our homes, we have to take a hard look at what we're keeping, why we're keeping it, and what we truly love, need, and use.
If this is your first time learning about Minimalism, I hope you'll join me to learn more and see how the principles of minimalism can greatly change your life.  If you're already on your journey, I hope that some of what you find here can help you find new perspectives.  And I also would love for you to share your successes, tips, and questions.

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