Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. I love family time spent together having fun, without the whole presents thing of Christmas. I love the 4 day weekend! I love… the food!
My husband and I were watching Mythbusters the other night and on this episode they were testing the whole tryptophan in turkey making you sleepy myth. I won’t reveal the results in case you haven’t seen it, but watching them make up these T-Day meals made me HUNGRY for dinner tomorrow!
I wanted to share a couple of my favorite side dishes for those of you who need a last minute addition to your meals! These are 2 of my “go to” dishes for Thanksgiving. They are delicious!
First is a green bean casserole. Now I hear opinions across the board about this type of casserole. Some love it and the “traditional” crunchy French’s onions on top (my least favorite part actually!). Others think its gross. When I came across this recipe a couple years ago I was so excited. I had cut canned condensed soups out of our diet a few years prior so I was really excited to see a recipe that not only used fresh green beans, but no canned soups (and no crunchy onions!). Yes – WHOLE FOOD green bean casserole.
I offered to make it for the family Thanksgiving… a bit nervously. It was kind of “nontraditional” you know. I received a ton of great feedback on it, though! This year they requested that I bring it. I’m so glad everyone loves it. And I think you will too! Its so delicious. It comes from Carrie at one of my favorite sites, Deliciously Organic.

Green Bean Casserole

source 123rf The next recipe I want to share has been a long favorite of mine. I’ll start by saying – I LOVE stuffing! I love that it is versatile and can be made from lots of different breads, herbs, seasonings, etc…meat or no meat, lots of veggies or few. This recipe, is a pretty basic one, but that’s part of what I love about it. I pretty much always have what I need to make it at any given time. No shallots? No problem…do onions instead. And the bread in it can be subbed with your favorite gluten free bread. And I love that I can control how many herbs (and what kinds) as well as the salt added. If there’s one thing I dislike about store bought stuffing, its how salty it is. This recipe comes from Martha Stewart.

Simple Stuffingsource: Martha Stewart

I’d love to hear about your favorite real food Thanksgiving recipes. I’m on the lookout for a whole food version of whole berry cranberry sauce. I’m envisioning something sweetened with maple syrup. I have a feeling it will come down to me making one up on my, but that’s ok. It will be a fun taste testing experiment!
I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving! Enjoy your time with your family ~ save that Black Friday shopping for FRIDAY. Be in the moment of the day and be thankful for all God has blessed you with. And of course – enjoy the meal!

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