Weekend 5K Race Recap

About half way!
I saw the camera guy about a second before he took this – I was
going to look up and smile. Darn 😉

photo source: http://jmcooperphoto.com/ [bubble editing mine 😉 ]
The race last weekend went well! I had set my Garmin watch to keep me at a 9:20-9:30 pace. Which means that if I went slower than that, it would beep at me to speed up. Yet, I went into the race knowing that if I couldn’t keep up that pace the whole time, I was ok with that. I was quite pleased then, to see my end stats – an average 9:20 pace!2013-04-21_watch
I gave it all I had out there. I pushed it much harder than my training runs, and somehow kept a good pace the whole time. I went into this race not knowing how it would pan out, but I was pleasantly surprised. I It looks like my training has paid off…paid off well enough to earn a new personal record! My chip time was 29:17! [old record 29:58]. Now I wonder what I could have done if I had not missed some of my runs on the training plan. It has inspired me to keep at it.
And of course here is my finish pic – I take pretty awful finish pics. I always look tired and so focused. I gotta learn to loosen up I guess! Generally by this point, I’ve run a hard race, and I always give it all I have running up the chute. So by the time I cross the finish, I’m wiped out! I think my goal for my next race is to come across the finish line smiling.
Finish! Official time: 29:17 photo source: http://jmcooperphoto.com/
Finish! Official time: 29:17
photo source: http://jmcooperphoto.com/
Now the weather is warming up which means more outside runs, and warmer races to run!Oh and in case you missed it, I did a guest blog post over at Real Food Girl: Unmodified yesterday.  Check it out and see what new recipe I’m sharing! 🙂 

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